Friday, March 19, 2010

3AM this morning.......

This is Anna (to the left)and Maria. in this picture they are all of four years old. they are now five and have since giving up on painting their walls with their own feces and markers. now they are big girls and share a bed. sure we got them a trundle but knew full well they would share the top bed and the trundle will be used for sleep-overs (if it ever comes to that).
so they cuddle up on the top bed every night. maria sleeps by the wall and anna sleeps on the outside. i pull the trundle out part way in case anna falls off during the night. that has happened a few times because i hear her plop and then scurry back up onto the top bed.
we have a small house. all the bedrooms are in a row and share walls so we can easily hear all the kids in their rooms. especially the girls because our head of the bed in on the wall their bed is against. if that makes any sense. last night at 3am. (weird how the clock is the first thing you look at when you get woken up) dan and i were woken up by those to chippies fighting. conversation goes as follows......
i am a horrible mother as i cannot always tell who is who when it is just their voices and i am half asleep trying very hard to go back to 100% asleep.
girl 1: get off my side!
girl 2: i am not on your side. you are on mine!
daddy: Go to bed!
girl 1; completely ignoring her father's advice. you are on my side and now you have my blanket!!
girl 2: no, you are laying on your blanket and mine too!
girl 1: oh. well your buns are cold. get them off me
girl2: your legs are warm. they make my buns feel good. gimme my blanket back.
dan and i totally see the logic in her argument, which only proves how tired we are at this point.
daddy: knock it off and go to sleep.
girl 1: get your buns off me and i will give you back the blanket.
girl 2: FINE!
girl 1: nite sis.
girl 2: nite sis.
and then they quickly fell back to sleep. i on the other hand had to find my comfy spot again and warm my buns on dan's back. i did not give him the blanket back. thpppt!

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