Thursday, March 4, 2010

things found while cleaning the boys room.

this is ONE wall in their room covered in fecal matter and boogers and other organic substances we could not identify at this time.

soiled underwear. approx 12 pairs.

candy wrappers. enough to fill a 4lb bag

empty yogurt container

two spoons

dried orange peels

dried banana peels

LEOGS. 10 lbs worth

cash. now belonging to me!

daniel and ike both had pocket knives under their pillows (ya, things are that rough in there)

variety of buttons

15 socks. why couldn't it be an even number?

half eaten cookies. i guess they were too full from the candy to finish the cookies.

four brass tacks

three pajama bottoms belonging to the child that like to sleep all natural

several shoes that are missing the laces. (have not found laces yet)

stringcheese wrappers.

a variety of nuts and bolts. i am afraid to scrape the dried boogers and gum off their bunk beds because that is probably what is holding them together.

1 cupcake wrapper

1 moldy orange.

my foot file. i dunno why, i don't want to know why. and i threw it away for piece of mind.

they say that 9 out of 10 deaths occur in the home. i can now see the reasoning in this because when the boys get home i am gonna kill them. not in their room of course, i just cleaned that!


  1. Ewwww, gross gross gross!!! That wall just needs to be scrubbed down and then painted! Just out of curiousity, how long does it take their room to get that bad?

  2. well it did get scrubbed down. and someday i need to paint their room. i am thinking in 13 years. how long does it take......lets see how long did it take me to type this message?