Friday, March 26, 2010

stuck in a rut

i have been stuck in a rut this past week. just going through the motions.

wake up
breakfast/scripture study
get kids dressed and out the door
mop floors
clean bathroom
pick up dog poop
take out trash
make snacks for kids
clean up house

everyday, the same thing. here's where it gets tricky. i can't stop. if i do i will fall behind. i hate being behind. i have to stick to a schedule. if i don't i get very overwhelmed and then depressed. but i am bored with my schedule. everyday is the same list because everyday the same stuff needs to get done. i can't sit still. i just can't. it bothers me, a lot. so in the boredom i am finding more and more things to add to my daily list of chores. and the longer the list gets the more overwhelmed i get because i wonder "when will i ever have free time to just sit?" i feel like one of those mice that are stuck on the wheel while someone else is spinning it. i am just running as fast as i can to keep from getting flipped.


  1. Sounds like you need more help from your family so that you're able to take the "me" time that you need and want!

  2. oh jenn, trust me, i really do know just how you feel. when i find myself in this same kind of rut, instead of backing off i add more to my plate (hello, you really think i have TIME for school?). it's almost as if i add more to my plate so that i don't have to think about the rut (ie depression)that i've fallen in to. it's true that most of the things on your list really do need to be done everyday. one day without laundry and you're three days behind just in laundry alone. and sadly, you can't get away without feeding the kids. i don't know how you've got chores set up for the boys, but they could do the poop (they're closer to the ground anyway) and they could probably even help out with the laundry (that's the one thing mine will do, with prompting of course). even if you could rearrange a half hour's worth of chores a day, that kind of breathing room could help. i wish i could offer more than empathy. if your not in the middle of it, then you're definitely on the verge of burnout. you need to take care of yourself Jenn. i love you...linda

  3. Hey Jenn,
    I have no idea how you even get to blogging and uploading pictures and such with 5 kids! You truly are amazing. You are a wonderful mom, YW leader (I know you say you are only the "secretary", but those girls look up to you and LOVE you to death), artist (heLLO!!!), and friend. You have the most amazing ideas. Your creative side is exploding with ideas all the time!!! (and I don't even see the half of it!) As for an idea to get out of any sort of rut? I usually put in my buds and rock to my ipod while I do something that needs to be done (that way I can just zone out while I do the mundane tasks of mommy-hood) or do something that is really just for ME. I'll scrapbook, go on a walk, run, BUBBLE BATH, *sigh* those are awesome times. Hey, if you ever need a few hours (even on Tuesday when you bring the kiddos over)- TAKE THOSE MOMENTS to get your groove back. It seriously does a world of good- no- great.

  4. Rachel Sis in lawApril 1, 2010 at 6:26 PM

    Jenn, you have smart friends. I am all for child labor. Why do we have children if we can't put them to work? My kids have two lists of chores that they alternate daily. Their standards are not as high as mine but WHO CARES. I have not picked up dog poo or cleaned out the cat box in months!!! It's totally worth it. Plus, the kids learn how to take care of themselves which thier future spouses will appreciate greatly.