Saturday, March 6, 2010

Take down tourny at Mt. Spokane H.S.

We got through the take down tourney. it is the longest tourney of the season. the kids are getting used to it after eight years. i wish i could say the same. i get so nervous for the little guy. i am shocked the camera is as steady as it is. you can hear the little cheer section chanting " isaac, isaac"

now i do enjoy the sight seeing at these things. fascinating what comes out of the woodwork. i saw six kids with regular Mohawks. one kid with a bright green Mohawk, a kid with a mullet Mohawk. business in the front, party in the back, shaved up the sides. his parents hate him. say a kid named shamrock. yep, honest truth. and four girls wrestling one in just a singlet and sports bra! yikes!!! i think i will make up some rules of wrestling etiquette.

1. If you have more than two children you are no long allowed to wear lowrise jeans with hot pink g-string panties. no one wants to see that.

2. I am sorry your dreams of pro-wrestling career fell through. Don't try to make your NINE YEAR OLD live them.

3. two words "PERSONAL SPACE"

4. Don't yell at the refs. they are high school boys trying to earn an easy $50. i am sure your kid's wrestling career will not be stunted by one missed point.

5.and finally. yelling louder will not make your kid win the match. it will only make me want to hurt you, and no kid should see there dad's butt kicked by an angry mid-thirties housewife.



  1. Great rules! Sorry I couldn't be there in person but I was in spirit. Only three more Saturdays to go! Great job Isaac and way to go to the cheerleaders.