Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years, Brown style

So we had a party at our house. Lots of friends and family came to entertain us. It was so much fun. Sadly Daniel could not join us. He is off camping in Hell's Canyon with his scout troop. He really wanted to go but he ask that I make a plate up for him of all the yummy treats.

Max (Blair and Linda's little boy) enjoyed hanging up all the fallen ornaments for us.
He also had fun with Raquel.

Our friends the Tait's brought over Just Dance for the Wii. Oh my gosh, it is such a fun game!! kept the kids fairly busy along with the little girls playing dress up, jakey chasing LeJune around the house. He was crushing on her hard. LOL. and keeping them all hopped up on hot cocoa.
As you can see, i got a bit carried away with videoing the kids dancing. It was just too funny.

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