Monday, January 11, 2010

Why? then Hoy?

I walked my the dogs water bucket. yes it is a bucket. and i see four rocks at the bottom. this caused me pause because although i have see alot of things in their water bucket, ie. chocolate (whew i was so glad it was chocolate), barbie, laundry soap, a small child, well you get the point.

so i asked who put these rocks in the water bucket. Anna piped up, "They are not just rocks. They are my pet rocks. And I wanted to see if they could swim. They can't. They drowned."

So now gentle reader i must pose a question to you.......How do you bury a pet rock? I have four that need to be laid to rest. I know that flushing them is out of the question. I think that would be too cruel rubbing in the fact that they cannot swim.

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