Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scavanger Hunt and Savages

Well yesterday the kids had the day off from school and my bff, Lanae, and I had the brillant idea of getting them all together for something fun and out of the house. Dan had the idea of a scavenger hunt in the mall. So i called Lanae and we made up a list of 12 items, divided the 13 kids into three teams and gave each team a camara to document their finding. No, we were not spending any $$. i am too cheap for that or as lanae calls me, frugal. i like frugal. doesn't sound as cheap. They had a list of stores and a specific idtem from that store that they had to take a picture of. Gymboree was a boys size 2T outfit.
Sliver Hoop earrings from Claires
Kitchen Aid Mixer from Macy's
Goodnight Moon from Walden Books
Well you get the point. I will not bore you with all twelve items. The kids did great. We did not lose any little ones. And they came back to the designated meeting spot and had to report in as a whole team. It did not count if the whole team was not together. They were hot and sweaty and finished in about 40 minutes.

Afterwards we had packed a picnic lunch for the kids and ate in the food court. We got lots of odd looks as we pulled the tables all together and started un-packing lunches. The crew was fed with minimal damage and we were off to our next adventure.

We took the kids to Savage Land Pizza next. We filled them full of food on purpose because we kept telling them the whole drive there, "We are not buying ANY food!" $2.50 a kid lets them in to play for an unlimited amount of time. they have a huge maze, ball pit and obstacle course. So for a total of $15 dollars we kept the kids entertained from 11:30 til 4pm. We would not give them any quarters to play the arcade games but for some reason Maria and Anna kept showing up with piles of tickets. Honestly i was proud of them but hoping that some poor kid was not wondering around wondering where there stack of tickets when to.

The girls cashed them in for three AirHeads, two lollipops and a handful of tootsie rolls.

Here is Ria with some of the tickets they collected. There was a monkey game that kept spewing them out when they played it. Teaching them that they can get something for nothing. Great.

The winning team got a giant Hershey's bar to share. The rest of them got some reeses' mini peanut butter cups.

We have already planned out our scavenger hunt for President's Day. Cannot wait to let you all in on the plan.

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