Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Level of Hell?

Hmmm, i think i may have stumbled across something here folks. The second week of Christmas break. Freezing temps, cabin fever, and lots of kids, five of whom are my of my own making.

The constant din of noise. I cannot seperate the fighting from the whining. It all blends in together, i would not call it white noise, because it is not at all relaxing. more like head pounding, nerve crushing, draining you of your will to live, kind of noise. We are all pretty tired of being in eachothers faces for the past week and a half and ready for a break.

i am sure i have unwhitingly stumbled across another level of hell that Dante left out. Maybe it was too depressing at the time for his book.

but i can tell you now, from experience, that this level makes you think bad, bad thoughts about your children. yep, the very same one you carried for nine months, choking down prenatal vitamins the size of horse pills and pushed out of your body with much pain and anguish. the very same children you stayed up with night after night with stuffy noses, ear aches, and gas. you now have no qualms of driving down a lone highway and sticking them in a snow drift and driving away, laughing maniacally to yourself as you do so. cause the farther you drive the more muffled their fighting becomes. this level makes you want to stay in your bed all day long. just lock the door, plug in your mp3 to drown out the pounding and screams coming from the other side of the door. this level makes your crave personal space. crave it like something you have never craved before, to be able to sit and not be a jungle gym, trampoline, or a foreign land mass to be conquered.

today is Wednesday. I have four more days left. I can only pray i hold out and not do something that will leave me in a deeper level of Hell.

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