Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The circle of trust has been breached!!

Ryan, Mr. Boot Camp, has gotten access to this blog!! And so Ryan, first off......NO i did not like doing 60 sit-ups and you telling me to "BLOG ABOUT THIS!!" yes, i nearly hit you in the head with the medicine ball. no, i don't really think it was an accident either. yes, i tried to cheat at BINGO and i did not know you knew how to read lips. DANG IT! will make mental note of that ability.

We are to hand in our three day journal off all the things we ate. I was seriously going to fast for three days. and i did great the first 7 hours. then i woke up. CRAP. so now i have a small novel to hand in tomorrow evening. it should be a good read while on the pot. please feel free to use it as toilet paper when done. i am seriously glad we did not go to the seafood buffet and northern quest casino, Tuesday, (it would have been for my mom's birthday so don't judge) cause that would have been an chapter in and of it's self.

as i write this i have a cookie jar of No Bake cookies taunting me and next to that a bowl of clementine cuties. which one do you think is calling to me?

so we will meet up again tomorrow night. same time, same place. who knew that hell was in the basement of a Presbyterian church? i sure didn't. but i know better now. and the devil........well lets just say he is a warped man with a twisted sense of what is considered fun.


  1. the baptists knew there was a hell in the presbyterian church.

  2. No way were those cookies calling you, you don't like chocolate. Great post, I enjoy your humor.