Saturday, January 9, 2010

because i am sick in the head......

That is why i signed up for ten weeks of bootcamp. and hey, i might not even stop at ten! anyways, i started this past week. it felt good to be back in the saddle again. Ryan ( a sick, sick man who like to make little girls cry, well i don't know if he makes little girls cry...but he has made me want to cry and i totally think that counts) asked us to write out our goals for class.

1. Not to die. needless to say i will very dissapointed in myself if i don't fulfill this one.

2. To stop thinking bad, bad things about our instructor, Ryan.

these will be posted on the board for all to read. luckily we did not have to sign our names. mwaa haa haa.

we also have to log what we eat on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so he can read through them and see what we need to change in our diets. I dunno about you, but i see a three day fast in my near future.

He has us play "Games" after we stretch, warm up, and do our circut training. I must warn you.....THEY ARE NOT GAMES!! i was so dissapointed when i found this out. At least i don't think pushing a 50lb weight up and down a basketball court a "game" and then going back and sitting in a wall sit while the other 30 people have their turn. i have way long legs and short arms. i was not meant for pushing things. unless it is my sister, regina's, buttons. i am REALLY good at that.

dan is going to come on Monday and try it out. if he likes it we will put his name on the waiting list. I am going to sign up Daniel though. It would be great to do this with him.

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