Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicola!!

Keeping up with my tradition of being an extremely annoying friend.......Happy Birthday NICOLA!!!

Kira putting some hot air to good use.
Kathryn went through 4 rolls of TP!!

Kira's artwork!

Sweet success!! so glad it did not rain.

Yes is was Kira that spelled "looser" not me!! i know my spelling is horrendously atrocious, but you cannot pin this one on me. lol

We had lots of fun with the window crayons.

I only say it because it is true.

anyways, nicola, thanks for putting up with us and our childish behaviour. the icing on the cake was as we were running to our cars a cop drives by. i don't think he cared but it woulda made some great pictures.

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