Friday, July 3, 2009

Anna, the model?? hmmmm

Ike got a hold of my camara. this is usually not a good thing. we have quite a few shots (hidden of course) of him just shoving the camara down his pants and clicking away.

but luckily this time his model was our very own anna. who, as it turns out, is not camara shy. (can't say the same thing for ike's usual subject.)

No, she does not have a shirt on. it is hot in our house and she is four. i see no reason for the girls (and jakey for that matter) not just run around in their unders in the house. we have no AC so it can get cookin' in here.

I call this one...."Yes, i am this pretty in real life."
This is her "SURPISE" look. fashion mags love this pose.

This one says..............."you don't have to love me, but i am pretty fabulous"

Now she is flirting with the camara. Photographers love this in a model.

And the grand finale......." WHEEEEEEE!"

and if this doesn't seem cute enough as is, don't forget we got another one just like her. haha

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