Thursday, July 23, 2009

The first trip to Luby Bay of the summer.

well first off.....they day was beautiful to say the least. i mean, the light breeze was HOT and water crystal clear (made the diving game a bit too easy) and although we ran into a bit of a traffic snag heading there all went really well once we got there. summer construction is a pain!
I had Princess Princess' three kiddos with us so she could get some sleep before her next night shift. To say they were thrilled would be a severe understatment. van with poopie,moopie teens on the ride up. yah, that was fun.
But i am so obnoxious and the lake is so fun it is hard to stay in a bad mood for long (even an experienced teenager)
This was my first trip where i did not have a baby stuck on shore. I was able to play out there with all my little fish! it was fantastic. i am so glad they are all strong swimmers. it got me so excited for the rest of our trips this summer.
I would post pics of my sunburned face,back,arms..but this is my blog and i can chose which pics get posted. mwaa haa haa.

This good sport is Ryen. I have a great video of how this came to be. I will post it.
My mom (aka bumpski) came up with my niece Jaylee.

LeJune had a lot of fun diving for rocks. she found some really cool ones.

Daniel and Ike digging and that is Jake face down in the water in the background. (no, he is not dead)

here is part of the crew. we were filling Sabastian's swim cap so we could stretch it out and fit someone inside. it worked. very freaky.
Well i have a ton of pics from that day. all of them will be in an album on my FaceBook. and i will make sure a post that video too.

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