Monday, July 6, 2009

Things on my ceiling, by jenn brown

There are things on my ceiling besides lightfixtures and bugs. Things that should not be there but have hung around for years. I blame it on laziness and a testiment to my children's ingenuity. We live in a older home so the ceiling are quite high ranging from 10-17 ft. high. Take, for example, the picture below. Can you guess what it is? i will post the answers below.
Exibit A
Exibit B

Exibit C

Exibit D

Exibit A: Tacobell fire sauce.
Exibit B: We think it could be a bug or maybe peanut butter.
Exibit C: A shoe print
Exibit D: Mashed Potatoes.
So how did you do? Probably better than me. next i will post what we find under the bed.

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  1. Feeling very grateful for my popcorn ceilings right now.