Thursday, July 23, 2009

bye, bye braces!!

Today was a big day for Daniel. After a bit over 2 years the braces came off. This is great timing because now he starts 8th grade braces free. Yes, he keeps licking his teeth and yes he keeps looking at himself in the mirror.

The heavy metal

Right afterwards

Getting the molds done for the retainer. He has 6months of that. Please, please, please don't lose it. I know i had to dig through the dumpster of leftover lunches at school because i lost mine. ( no, we did not find it) and by golly, i don't need to go through that again.

Making a good impression. (come on, i couldn't resist)

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  1. What a beautiful new smile! I remember how awesome and slimy it was when I got my braces off! I too lost my retainer. Better keep a close eye on his retainer.
    Funny story: My brother Eric used to burp in his retainer case, close it, and then open it in someone's face. YUK! Sorry it just reminded me of that!