Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You don't mess with a Girl's Gynocologist or her Hairstylist!

This is Traci she is a wonderful friend and a kickin' stylist. She has kept me looking fabulous for years. And that is no easy task! But now she is moving to Las Vegas. THE NERVE!
We took pictures of my last cut so the next stylist I find (and i have no idea how I am going to find one as good as her) will have some clue as to how I like my hair.

I am a tad bit un-conventional with my hair. I like it to be different just like ME!

And of course I HAVE to have my flip!
So if anyone knows a good hairstylist please let me know.


  1. My SIL but she lives in the Mathwigs are actually moving this time?

  2. yup. bought a house down there and everything. i guess i should say houses. it has a main house then a poolhouse behind the pool w/waterfall and then they have a guest house too. twitts!