Saturday, May 30, 2009

getting dirty, but gettin' it DONE!

it is a stump grinder and with it I was able to grind down five obnoxious stumps. don't feel bad for them, they had it comming.

This is what is left of the dead ponderosa we had in our front yard. it was the biggest stump i had to grind. about 30 inches in diameter.

all tilled, leveled, stump gone and ready for the sod to be put on the next day. whew.
it was HOT that day. Vertie and Barb ( the in-laws) and Katie (my right arm and sister in law) came over with the truck and hauled two HUGE loads off to the dump and then Barb helped me finish getting all the rocks out of the "yard" and i use that term loosely at this point.
and we all learned that a vinyl pool that has been left to sit all winter long behind a shed smells alot like a cow's butt. leaks like one too. ugh!

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