Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drag Racing

This here is BigRed. he is my baby. You don't back baby in a corner!

Which is exactly what my friend (we will call him Paulino) when he said that is full size Ford Club Wagon was the original Big Red and mine is a wanna be. OH NO HE DIDN'!! (insert finger snapped Z here) He was actually crazy enough to challenge me to a drag race so he could school me! HA!
So we met up in the church parking lot (after church,sorta) of course and exchanged some pleasentries and then met up on 63rd. were I proceeded to kick is sorry butt. I felt a bit bad showing him up in front of his entire family but not bad enough to not challenge him again on Crestline. It was sad really. A complete blow out and it is now known by all that I have the one and only BIG RED!!
I do wonder what the people who were out watering their lawns and such thought when they saw two full size vans racing down the street with kids silloettes seen bouncing in the back. I am sure it was a peculiar sight.

1 comment:

  1. ...and I'm sure the kids loved it! Good to know that Big Red has some tork. Never know when you will need it!