Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Living with Chronic Lung Disease

So many of my internet friends out there have wondered what goes on in our home when Anna gets sick. Which happens every five weeks or so and lasts for about a week. We are equipped to care for alot of her needs at home which helps out because she gets better much faster here. Shocking huh?

Later on after this Anna was admitted in the the children's hospital. I always feel like such a failure as a mother when she does. like i lost this battle (i take each bout very personally) i try very hard to keep her home but her needs were too much for our set up. i don't have any photos or videos of her there. it is off limits in my book. she has been there three days so far. dunno when she will get out. she has not been this bad before but then again we say that each time she goes in. i swear the child is just trying to out do herself. =) (sorry if some of you find this humor offensive but it is how i cope) Aunt Pam I hope you notice your blanket. She loves it and it follows her everywhere. Luckily they wash well.

I hope this post is somewhat coherant. I have very little sleep and i am sure i will go back and read this wonder,"What the hell was I thinking?"


  1. Hang in there Jenn! You aren't a failure, quite the opposite, actually! Don't be hard on yourself for problems with your kids! You're such a fun, great, crazy mom! Your 5 kiddos are lucky to have you! The 4 youngest, however, should be glad that you didn't get your tubes tide after Daniel! hehehe!

  2. ah hindsight. ain't it a pain in the butt!

  3. Jenn - You are amazing. Not only did I find this fascinating, I was so amazed at your ability to keep a joyful tone of voice AND not scream at Anna when her slouching caused the fancy machine to light up. I'd be panicking. I suppose there were times when you did panic. Wow.