Monday, May 11, 2009

4 am wake up call!

The adorable little boy in this picture is our six yr old jakey. jakey is a very busy boy. usually spends most of his day getting into his brothers stuff and then running when they find out. another hobbie of his is climbing up into his brothers bunkbeds at night, beating the crap outta them, and then scurrying down to his bed before they know what hit them. chaos usually insuese and if i was a good mother i would step in but come on. he brought this upon himself, seriously. now if it get too bad he will break free and make a run for the t.v. room to tell me he woes and i send him back to bed with threats upon his brothers heads. it makes him happy.

anyways, other than making his older brothers dispise him he has other hobbies too. his best buddy Ray lives right across the street from us. in fact they can see eachothers bedroom windows. when he was 5 jakey was missing ray and could not wait to continue playing their exciting game from the day before so he got it in his little head that he would just go on across the street and wait for ray to wake up. the rest of us were still sound asleep and completely un-aware of his plans and being the considerate child that he is, he did not bother to wake us and tell us that he was leaving. when he arrived at ray's door he was quite happy to discover it was un-locked. he let himself in and headed off to ray's room. there is a little chair by ray's bed and jakey made himself comfortable, then waited for ray to wakeup. sally, ray's mom, looked across the hallway from her room and noticed an extra child. she said it took a few seconds to register that yes, indeed there was a extra child in the room. so she called us and then sent the little guy home. luckily all ended well. although i am pretty sure Sally locks her door every night now.

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