Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am bored. What I would really like to be doing at this moment is reading a good romantic (not trashy) novel. but alas I have none to read. (yes i have read the twilight series) so i am left with just the thoughts in my head.

1- being a mother is a hell of alot harder than i ever thought it would be.

2- i did not appreciate all that my mom did for me growing up. the fact that i am still alive says alot.

3- i am fat but i can honestly say i am okay with that. really, really okay. i am in good shape and work alot so i guess i should say i am sturdy instead of fat. =)

4- sometimes i get really lonely. it makes me sad. i wish i had a better relationship.

5- i have a wonderful husband who works very hard for our family so i can stay home and complain.

6- i wish i lived across the street from Regina. although i am sure the fine city of Springville is very happy that i don't.

7- if you kick the street lamps on campus in Rexburg ID. they will go out.

8- for some reason i am freakishly strong. i dunno why, but it has earned me the nickname "babe the big blue ox" thanks reg. =P

9- i would rather be working outside than doing housework anyday of the week. i like being dirty.

10- i cannot believe that 5 totally different kids could all come out of me.

11- i am not a mother that has my act together and my children know it and i am totally okay with that. i will leave it up to their husbands and wives to show them perfection.

12-riding in the back of a truck after swimming at 2am is really, really cold.

13- i have had so many friends move away it is almost a given that if you become a good friend of mine you will move away.

14- i hope they are not moving away just to get away from me. =)

15- i have no desire whatsoever to re-do highschool or relive those memories. h.s. sucked.

16- i can walk downtown at night without anyone bothering me. my friends feel safe going out with me because apparently i have a face that says " don't piss me off." wish my kids took it seriously.

17- i love camping with my kids. love, love, love it. it is an excuse for me to just goof off for a week.

18- don't like camping with hubby. he is a city boy through and through.

19- i am a free spirited artist that married a rocket scientist. still not sure how that happened. =)

20- at least my kids took after his brains and not mine.

21- i honestly don't care what people think of me. if they like me great! if not...piss off. i just don't care.

22- i have surrounded myself with great friends. i mean i have some of the best people for my friends. they are awesome.

23- i have never had a sip of alcohol. went to alot of frat parties though. =) never smoked either. just no desire to do either. watched too many people do stupid things. REALLY STUPID things.

24- have no desire to hang around drunk people anymore. no longer entertaining. just sad.

25- ever since anna came out of the hospital this last time and the dr said there is nothing more they can do for her i cannot sleep at night.

26- i hate shopping. i go clothes shopping for myself maybe, maybe once a year and only after my sister Lou has dragged me there.

okay, i could keep rambling on and on. but i better go.


  1. I love the list! Oh, and I am moving back, so we will be hanging out again, soon! And number 24...does that mean that when we've been out to dinner, you will ditch me an not hang out with me if oh, say we need to go to target? ;)

  2. Some of us do move back, Yeah!!! So glad to be able to hang out with someone as cool as you who helps me be a better mother and person. Great post!

  3. well i did not say they stayed away. because really, who could stay away from me!

    and mikaela i think every target shopping trip should end by being escorted out by the rent-a-cop.

  4. That's a good random list. I don't know any mom who thinks they are doing a fabulous job. we all just try. Get out and go camping!! It's fun for you and the kids and will make everyone feel better.

  5. 25- ever since anna came out of the hospital this last time and the dr said there is nothing more they can do for her i cannot sleep at night.

    is making me sob Jenn. I <3 you and pray that miracles may ensue.