Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Front Yard (or as i like to call it The Shame of the Block)

our front yard was ugly. the lawn was taken over by,Jap Clover, as my lovely now deceased neighbor liked to call it. so we figured last fall lets just till it up and start over. I lovingly laid brick down and i think i did a dang fine job! then we cut down the dead tree that stood as a sentinal for 8 years. then winter came. winter went. spring arrived and we still have a dirt patch for our lawn with a stump in the middle. i am not happy at all with this. my dad has passed on to all his children a love of green grass. just because we grew up in the middle of nowhere and most people did not have grass much less a lawn did not stop him. he had california blood running through his veins. we had a huge lawn and every summer it would get bigger and we would moan and groan about having to mow and rake this lawn/forrest. we even had a little chant for him

our dad

the madmad, mower.

he's so mad 'cause he says he can't get the blade any damn lower.

i did not say it was a great chant, just a little chant.

so, i go to till the yard today. my sister in law, katie, was over to watch the little ones for me so this was going to work out SPLENDIDLY! half way through, the tiller DIES! just won't idle! ticked me off. totally through off my schedule of getting the finishing pavers laid this memorial day weekend so we can finally get some sod out there. i don't want my dad to see this mess. i know it would pain him greatly. I JUST WANT TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING!! is that too much to ask. seriously? i feel all the neighbors ( who i might add have lovely lawns taking care of by lovely lawn companies) look at my house in shame and judge me for it. sure my kids all went through the peeing in our yard/everyone else's yard stage but we are over that. really, i am a good person. i keep a clean house, clean kids and my backyard looks......well it looks okay for what it deals with on a daily basis. meaning 9 kids and two large dogs. i want my front to be my symbol of my having it all together. ARRGH!

okay, i am done ranting now.

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  1. Loving the chant! I've decided lawn care is a little like raising kids. It comes along VERY slowly. You can't rush it but in about 20 years you'll have a great "finished" product. So keep up the good fight. 10 years from now it should look fabulous.