Saturday, May 16, 2009

Poor Jake. Youngest of Three Brothers.

Jakey, jakey, jakey. if any of our kids are gonna need therapy ( and to be quite honest, they will all need some sort of therapy after growing up in this house) he will need the most. In fact we will be setting up a saving account just for this if you are interested in donating. anyways, on with the story.....

i was woken up this saturday morning by his screams. not really all that unusual for him. but apparently it was fairly serious as isaac went to get help from daniel, no me because he knew he was gonna be in trouble. he had tied up jakey and locked him in the coat closet. for those of you new to our home we don't allow rope in it. no jump ropes, no string, shoelaces, NOTHING that resembles a rope. but sure enough the reason for the no rope rule found some rope and promptly tied up his younger brother. he has tied jakey to the back of a truck, the swingset, and the dog. the kid should be a houdini by now. but no, he just screams. and man that kid as got a set of lungs on him.

as if living on constant fear of being tied up is not enough he also has a 13 yr old brother who like to do the usual older brother stuff. he was bragging to his aunt one day that he can give himself a pretty tight wedgie but alas, it is weak compared to daniel's wedgies which apparently lift him of the ground. That so explains the underwear i find in the laundry. (shudder)

oh, and how can i forget the time when ike convinced him to climb on top of our van and then just left him. now we have a full size dodge ram 3500 15 passenger van. it is 7 ft. tall. (someday i will telll you how i learned it is exactly 7 ft tall) ike walked into the house, sat down next to me and was watching tv. then we heard the scream. ike did not even flinch! i go out to see jakey standing there. so i had to climb up on the bumper and because he WOULD not come to me i had to grab his ankle and give it a quick yank to make him fall and then drag him off the roof. when will he learn ike's ideas usually end in pain.

but this has been good for him in someways, he taught himself to ride a 2 wheeler when he was 5. just called us out and showed us one day. as for teeth being pulled. he also did it himself. i (being the negligent parent that i am) did not even know the kid has a loose tooth. all in all he is known as "smilin' jake" because he is always happy and very optimistic. it serves him well

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  1. Oh my. Boy underwear is so gross, but that's just scary. :) I look forward to reading about how you discovered your van is 7ft tall. :)