Sunday, May 29, 2011

a work in progress

The kiddos and I have grand plans for Dan's plot. Yesterday was phase two. Phase one being placing the headstone.

The soil is clay. Not clay like or containing a lot of clay. It is 100 % clay. We could make some lovely pots if we cared to. So we brought up some manure and potting soil and blended it in.

It is also very windy and arid up on the hill and I do not know the watering schedule there. I chose plants that would like full sun and little water once they got established. Getting them established is going to be the tricky part. This is where Barb is going to come to the rescue.

You see our "little" project turned into a family project when Vertie, Barb, Amy and Katie joined. I was so glad have them all there. Barb has some great ideas for plants to add and Vertie and I have some ideas for a bench also. He is going to check so see what exactly the plot size is.

Yesterday was the best weather we have ever had up there. Sunny and no wind! What a pleasant way to spend a morning. Daniel helped amend the soil while Ike ran through the hills riding a rake. Then girls had fun looking at all the bright floral arrangements set out for the holiday and picking up worms.

Ike and Jake went with Papa to get pizza so could all meet up back at the Brown's for lunch.