Monday, May 16, 2011

A bit closer towards my goals.

This last Tuesday I had to take a college placement exam. Everytime I thought of taking this exam a four letter word kept popping up in my head. No worries. It brought such fear I never said it out loud. But I will spell it for your reading enjoyment. M A T H Yes, I know, it is a very dirty, dirty word. I feel dirty just spelling it. I did okay on the reading, and writing. Sure not college level but I will be in class 99. Um, math i scored a touch lower. and by a touch lower I mean I did not come close to touching level 99. In fact I am not even level 92. infact i have to take FOUR quarters of math to get where I need to be!! Oh well, I can do it. I have to! And if push comes to shove I will pay Daniel or Ike to do my homework for me. :D

I will be taking English 99, Math 91, and Biology 241 this fall quarter. As you can tell I am super excited to get this next chapter in my life started.

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  1. Congrats on getting back in school. That is exciting! I'm doing the same thing, too. Although I won't have to take Math! Good luck!