Monday, May 2, 2011


And now for the story behind Ike's two birthday cakes.

My dad offered to make Ike a cake for his birthday. I did not want him to worry about that. I am his mom, although Ike denies this fact, and so I would gladly make his cake. I told my dad thank you for the offer but I got this one. He shot back with, "What? You think you can make a better cake than me??" Uh, Duh. Of course I can. And so he said the following two words......"It's On."
Seriously?? I mean did he seriously think he stood a chance against ME?? I spent many an afternoon, (*many,many years ago mind you) eating frosting by the tub. I would like to think I know a thing or two about cake by that fact alone.

So I made a quadruple layer german chocolate with a sweetened layer of cream cheese filling in between each layer. I choose german chocolate because that is what the birthday boy wanted.....or so I thought......
Turns out I misheard him. He said he wanted anything BUT german chocolate. OOPS! so being the good sport I am, and knowing my dad was prolly going to make a german chocolate cake also because that is he specialty, I called and let him know of my mistake and to change his cake making plans. A poor sport would have let him continue with his plans setting him up for failure, but I was so secure in my spot as winner I kindly threw him a bone.

Well I show up with my masterpiece to be greeted with a 9x13 yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I was stunned. Did he think so little of my cake making abilities that he thought he could win with this? Or did he just assume I would eat the cake before the contest? (a very real possibility) Oh he has stories. Yes, he has excuses of a grand german chocolate cake that he spent all week making, even traveling to Germany to learn the proper technique but having to throw it out last minute due to an ill timed phone call.

But I think the following picture shows the clear winner here. On the left is my cake. On the right is......well you get the idea.
Will this be the end of baking contests between the two of us? No, it will not. He is a glutton for punishment. ha ha ha ha

*okay, maybe not many,many years ago. but it has been a few days!! Don't judge me!!! :D


  1. I love your posts, Jen. I hope both you and Ike have a good birthday. He arrived but you did all the dirty work. =)

  2. Ike had a great birthday. I get a birthday surprise. Monica is flying in to do her 1/2 marathon and we got a hotel room for thursday night. :) I even got a very nice couple to come stay at the house with kids to get them off to seminary and school!