Friday, May 27, 2011

Ike's moment in the spotlight

Isaac was one of about 50 students in the Spokane School District that was chosen to have his artwork on display at the School District office downtown. I was a very proud Mama.

So I loaded up the six kiddos. Drove downtown. Found great parking. Unloaded the crew. Went into the building, looked as picture for 10 minutes. Loaded everyone back in the car. And headed home. No, they did not keep their hands to themselves. No, indoor voices were not used. Yes, I was frazzled after the excursion.

And now I present for your viewing pleasure, Trees in Despair, in pen and ink, By Isaac Brown


  1. You NEED to have that framed and hang it in your home!!!!

  2. Nice picture there Ike! Way to go.