Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just random pictures of the homestead. (where we Reneer's grew up)

To say that this is the place we grew up would imply that some maturing went on as well. Let me be the first to say that growing up and maturing are two totally different things. No maturing whatsoever took place here.

My mom is probably cringing as she see these pictures of her home. You see, this was taking in early May before she got all her flowers planted. I will have to post an updated picture with all her "color" as she puts it.

The girls room is the window on the far left. Window in the lower center is the kitchen.
The back of the house. Window is to the boys room. yes, it was very handy to crawl into when you had been locked out of the house. Below is the storage shed for pantry items and freezer.

Just some random shots of the creek. Still running high from spring.

Nope. Jakey did not catch anything this time.

The girls spending the afternoon doing one of my favorite activities. Watching water go around a stick in the water.

Neighbor's dam broke this winter. Is currently reaking havoc on my parents meadow.

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