Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ike's Birthday Bonanza

This is the sleepover/ up all night gaming/ gorging themselves on junkfood/ tp'ing/ crew.

This picture is Ike. Through and through. You wanna know my Ike. Just look at what he carries with him at all times. Well there is one thing missing in the picture. That would be his knife. I have a feeling it was in his pocket at the time this picture was taken. It is always in his pocket. My washer can attest to this fact.
Ike wanted to spend his birthday with his friends sharing what he loves to do. Fishing and hiking. The fishing is lousy this time of year, but I think the all had a fantastic time.

This is a close up view of their "prime" fishing spot.

Here is the scene from across the creek. It was truly a beautiful spot to be.

Ike and his birthday cakes. Yes, he had two cakes. More on why that was in the next post.

Happy Birthday my little boy. 12 years old on May 4th!!

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