Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

My daughters made books all about me at school and gave them to me for mothers day. I did not know we had so much in common.

first, my favorite color is pink, which is also Anna's favorite color.
second, my favorite color is purple, which is also Maria's favorite color.
third, my favorite food is spaghetti. Also happens to be the girls favorite food too.
My favorite thing to do is to cook for them, to take care of them and washing the dishes.

Wow. those are best things ever! they also drew adorable pictures with each activity.

Jakey made me a card with coupons in it. every coupon says the same thing. NAP. He knows me so well.

Ike also made me a card on Sunday morning. Which is amazing because he was very busy Sunday morning keeping the little ones out of my room so I could sleep in. He threatened them with death or dismemberment. I know this because the girls know how to call my cell phone now. they snuck the phone into their bedroom and called me saying, "Mommy, Isaac is going to hurt us if we wake you up." Then I heard Ike in the background realising what the girls were up to. the phone was dropped, screaming followed but soon faded as they ran back into the tv room.

Ike's card...

Happy Mother's Day!

there I said it.
Now you can go about doing your chores that you do everyday anyways, but with a smile on your face.
What? this does not seem sincere?
Here, lets try this...


"OOOO's" added for extra emphasis.

Love, Ike.

On a totally un-related side note. Why does 35 mph feel so fast when my son is driving? Riding around with Princess Princess the other day as she ran a stop sign and backed out into on coming traffic. I did not even flinch. She was impressed. What can I say? I am the mother of a teenage driver.

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