Thursday, November 25, 2010


so due to budget cuts at the Brown house we had to change our brand of dog food to what ever was on sale and I have a coupon for. I received gripes and complaints for this change on the menu. AND NOT FROM THE DOG! It was from the boys. Yes, the very same boys that refuse to eat 90% of the food I actually prepare with love and resentment. Last week I bought some Kibbles and Bits remembering how happy Raquel would be because the dogs and the commercials were always so happy to eat it and woof out the theme song. For those of you too young to remember I posted a link.

But what I got was a list of complaints about the lack of flavor and texture from the boys. One in particular who shall not be names because he is always has a weapon on him somewhere and I really don't want to be on "that list."

What they wanted back was Costco's brand of dog food. In the lamb and rice flavor. Well they are just gonna have to wait for a coupon for me to purchase it just like the dog.
Now on to another topic, dog treats. also a debate in our home. Papa and Grandma like to spoil Raquel and bring her goodies when they come over. Shhh, it is mainly Papa that does this. Tee hee.
Here is the review from the snackers. They said that although Beggin' Strips smell just like bacon they do no taste anything like bacon. In fact they taste really bad. So no Beggin' Strips.

But Pup-peroni gets five stars. They said not only does it smell appetizing, it tastes really good too.

So folks, there you have it. You and I both learned something today. I learned that I am knocking myself out cooking gourmet meals for kids that would rather eat dog food and you learned how to make your pooch one very happy, well fed doggie.


  1. i think it might be time for you to loosen up on the feeding schedule you so strictly follow. that 3 pm snack time is too long of a wait. oh....i just remembered, you were to cat food connoisseur.