Sunday, November 7, 2010

jakey's baptism and birthday party

Yep it was a pretty exciting day for Jakey. Our very dear friend and former Bishop, Dennis Dipo did the honors of baptizing Jakey. He and Dan had been good friends for years and Dennis was there with me constantly for Dan's last days. He is truly a good man. And it does not hurt that he has a connection with Cyrus O'Leary Pies. Mmm.
I really struggled posting any pictures of myself because I truly hate them. But, I know that this post is not about me, (for once) it is about Jakey!

While I had the kids all looking respectable, and trust me that does not happen all that often, i thought that it would be a good idea to get a family picture. I wanted to do this before the baptism but time got away from us. So here we are and yes, I know my face is a mess. Yes, I cried, but seeing Jakey so happy really lessened the pain.

Now on to the PARTY!! And Jakey loves a good party, especially when it is for HIM!!

The present of the day was his DSi XL. what? you don't know what that is? go ask your kid or grandkid.
The nerf wars in our house get pretty rough so Ike and Daniel got Jake a new semi-automatic nerf gun that hold 35 rounds. Poor kid still does not stand a chance.

Here is Grandpa Reneer and Papa Brown.

It really was a fantastic, bittersweet day for our family, but I can't help but think that all of our fantastic days will be bittersweet from here on out. I am so thankful for the gospel, I am so very thankful for the Atonment and very much grateful for the plan of salvation. It brings me great peace to know we are and always will be a family.


  1. I saw that first pic of you with Jake and Bishop and the first thing that came to my mind was wow you look very beautiful!! Then I saw your comment about not wanting to post pics of yourself and I'm glad you did- they're great! What a special day for your family and I'm sure Bishop Dipo was very honored- he's such a wonderful man =)

  2. I'm with Christy, I thought you looked great! I loved your hair and outfit! I'm sure this was a bitter sweet day for you and for Jake. I cannot believe Jake is 8...I remember when we first met and you were GIGANTICALLY PREGNANT with him! ;) Time sure flies!