Thursday, November 18, 2010

Disney on Ice

A very good friend, who insists on hanging out with us even though she knows my kids, took the girls and I to Disney on Ice last night. We have never gone to something like this. I did not tell the girls until 30 minutes before we left, which turned out being 30 minutes too early. Diane brought her grand daughter along too. Turns out three 5yr olds is the perfect age for this. They clapped, squealed, and were on the edge of their seats for the whole two hours of the show.
This is Anna just after Arial, her favorite princess, took to the ice. I think she may have peed a bit in her panties.

This is Maria after Ariel took to the ice. I love how excited they were.

And of course Ariel and her Prince.

Clapping after the performance.

This is a lousy picture but it has all the princess sitting around the fountain with the fairy godmother on top.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Diane for a wonderful evening. The girls did not pass out till 10:30 last night. They were so wound up. But I am positive they had the best dreams ever.

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  1. how fun! i've always wanted to go to. I was wondering where you were last night. you usually pop your head in and say hi.