Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 14,1966

This is the day Dan was born. This would have been his 44th birthday. I let the kids plan what to do to celebrate his birthday. I personally would have liked to have done nothing. Sounds awful I know, but I am really good at avoiding hard situations and hoping they will just go away.

The kids were so excited to plan his birthday. They decided on getting Dan's favorite cake, a four layer chocolate monstrosity from Costco. It is so rich and chocolaty. He loved that cake. Well really he just loves cake, but this one was is favorite. They also wrote notes with birthday wishes and we went up to the grave site. Now I will be honest with you, I have been there once shortly after the funeral and have never been back. Sounds terrible, but I honestly don't care what you think. The kids released balloons with their notes and watches them go up into the clouds. I was fine as long as I did not look down. Later I found out that Daniel really wants to go out there more often so I need to suck it up. We came home and had cake and ice cream.

My sister, Kathryn, came down from Republic. She said she was here just for a visit. Now people of the internet, in all my 12 yrs of living here she has never stayed just for a visit. I know she was a spy my mother set here while she is away in sunny California. But I must admit that even for a spy she was really nice and I enjoyed spending time with her alot.

I did think of taking pictures of our activities but the bile rising in my throat let me know that was not a good idea. So this post will just have to be pictureless. Someday I will post a picure. He site is beautiful. He is at the top of a huge hill that over looks miles and miles of fields. It looks over the road he ran on as a highschooler and the hills he and his sisters used to sled on as kids. It is a familiar place to him. okay, that is all i can write. bye


  1. Aww you are amazing Jenn. Hugs to you and your kiddos. I know Dan is smiling down on you guys. Happy Birthday Dan.

  2. My heart continues to ache for you and your family, but it's so great that you did all that- especially for your kids! Keep your head up you're doing a fabulous job!! And we had that same chocolate cake after our sealing- those things are huge and very rich!

  3. i personally think dan can't believe you ate the cake without him AND said you don't like chocolate. that is a sin.

    thanks for being you and getting daniel out there.