Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Whole New Respect.

Jakey got this gun for his birthday. It is a really cool gun. At least until a dart gets jammed in it and it locks up. Then it is not a cool gun at all. It is a @#!&% gun. You see this gun is held together by 23 screws of varying sizes. Wednesday afternoon I gained a whole new respect for the children in China that put these guns together. I had to take it down into the smallest of pieces to get the two jammed darts out. I was rather proud of myself when I put it back together and it worked! Granted it took 45 minutes to do. I proudly told Jakey when he came home from school. He responded with a shrug and a mumbled, "thanks mom." I wish I had the gun in my hand at the time. Grrr.

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