Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ria's eye surgery

This is Ria's second surgery on her eyes and Dan and I have been through this six times with our kids. But I must say that Ria is the most pleasant out of all of them. She is happy and brave and come out of surgery so snuggly.

This is her pre-surgery. She is just so adorable.
Then she wanted to take a picture of her puppy she got from the nurses. She has another one just like this from the last time so Ria was so happy to have a sister for her. They are both named Shilo.

Then she let mommy take a picture of her and Shilo.
The surgery lasted 4 hours. they had to shorten the muscles on both sides of the eyes and also needed to lower her left eye because it was set higher than the left.
She gave me such good snuggles and was so relaxed that she pooped and peed all over my legs. We cleaned her up and got fresh panties on her and scrubs on me. while i was getting dressed and daddy was getting his fair share of snuggles she puked and pooed on him. so he got his own set of scrubs and she got a another clean pair of panties.
by the third time we just threw in the towel. (actually we took the towel with us) and headed home stinky pants, shirts and all. She did great when we got home.

She slept alot the first two days. but by the third day she was wondering around the house blind as can be. Anna tried to help out when she could but it is not good to let a five year old with a short attention span lead a blind five year old around. she ran into alot of walls. it is much better to let a 36 yr. old with a short attention span lead around a five year old. by the fourth day she started being able to open her eyes and today they opened up almost right after she woke up and she can see better and better each day. in fact, i don't think she has ran into anything today!

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  1. I love how Dan got his fair share of poo, pee, and puke!