Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Costco milk jugs

I Hate Them!! i know hate is a strong word, but totally needed in this situation. my hate is three-fold.

1. the open for these new jugs is huge. you pour way too much milk because it just comes out in a rush.

2. don't tell anyone but i like to drink out of the jug when there is just a cup left. well, this opening is flush with the container therefore making this hobby of mine difficult. and of course the huge opening does not help the situation.
3. Spokane may recycle, but guess what? They don't recycle these!!! And i am a big fan of recycling. so now i have to cram 6-7 of these containers in my already bulging trash can every week.

so costco, yes, i know you are reading this, i want you to know how un-happy i am. and i expect you to change back to the old style jugs promptly.
a angry milkoholic

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