Wednesday, May 12, 2010

crazy kids

So Ike asked me the other day if he could go see The Prince of Prada when it comes to theaters. Um, do you mean The Prince of Persia? "Ya, sure. What ev." he stated. i am told him there is sorta a big difference between the two. First off The Prince of Prada would be a show on the Bravo network,which we do not have. and secondly even if we did get that channel there is no way we could let you watch it. as for The Prince of is PG13. sorry charlie.
Now onto Daniel. Sitting around the dinner table we got on the topic of riding pigs, very difficult to do, then on to riding cows, very bony, then of course riding sheep. something i know about! i told him how we would put rollar skates on, climb on the sheep's backs and hold on letting our feet roll along. now i know you are wondering....why the roller skates?? well we had these cousins in Cali that had this thing around them called "pavement" and you can roller skate on it. crazy, i know! and kindly sent their skates up to us hicks when they outgrew them. we quickly learned that you just can't skate on dirt. I know!!! but we just could not let these beautiful skates sit there un-used. so we strapped them on and let the sheep to the work. Now this story has a bit of a sad ending. i still cannot skate. well unless there is a sheep handy and i am pretty sure that is illegal in this state. now Montana.........that's not an issue.

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