Friday, May 7, 2010

Kite Flying 101

Should not be taught by me.

my idea of a good day is 40-60 mph winds. and Monday was that day. So i hustled my buns on down to the dollar store and picked out five kites. after dinner we went up to the park. i tied a weight around each kid's ankle to help keep them grounded. it also slows them down when they try to run away. ( just another parenting tip from me)

By looking at the pictures it looks like it was a wonderful success and once again i have proven myself to be a fabulous mother. HA!! don't be fooled. kites got tangled up in eachother. ALOT. at one time i had four kites i am trying to un-tangle with kids screaming because they were sure it would never come un-done and then kids flipping out when i broke the strings and re-tied them because i could not un-tangle them. then one had a total melt down and had to walk home. i knew he made it there for two reasons. we live four houses away and his screaming faded into the wind the farther away he got. by 40 minutes my nerves were frazzled. the girls were tired and D.O.N.E.
Daniel and Ike stayed behind to fly their kites a bit longer. Personally i think they did not want to be seen walking home with us. and i don't blame them.

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