Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pre-School graduation

All of our kids have gone to Ferris ELC. It is a pre-school program at Ferris High School run by the students. It is a great program and I recommend it to all my friends and the little ones just love being taught by highschoolers. Daniel hopes to participate in the program his senior year.

Anna(in hat) and Maria taking the stage. Anna had to drag maria on stage.
Happy with their friends

Waiting to get their "diplomas"

This was their "walk-out buddy", Maggie. Everyday she would walk the girls from the classroom to my car. Each kid in the classroom has their very own walk-out buddies. Maggie was the best. She would give them piggy back rides.

this is them singing songs about the farm. they knew these songs, i know they knew these songs because I heard them day in and day out. But when the time came they clamed up. Little finks!

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