Wednesday, October 7, 2009

we just seem to keep spiraling

So Ike has been home sick since monday. Sunday night at 12:04 i am woken by the sound of someone throwing up. nothing, and i mean nothing wakes a mother up faster! for get alarm clocks that beep, they need to make one that sounds like a kid puking.

i have not eaten an apple or apple product since that night.

monday, no more puking. good, we are making progress, probably a 24 hr bug. still feverish.

tuesday, still running a high fever and wants me to pull out his loose tooth. it is bothering him. look inside his mouth to see a HUGE packet of blueish/purplish nastiness in the gumline above loose tooth. this continues to grow throughout the day. occationally he will squeeze it and it i will drain out above his loose tooth. mom calls dentist schedules an appt. for wednesday morning.

Wednesday, fever runs throughout the night around 102. this morning he gets tooth out. alot of blood and puss come out too. don't worry i won't post the picture. fever seems to have broken, still heading off to dentist. will update.

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