Sunday, October 25, 2009

blackballed from the primary program

thest two little girls are 4 yrs old. they will be 5 this december. they are busy, i will give you that, but they are also very sweet. they love to play and make new friends. they love to "write" letters to their cousin, jaylee. they love primary. love, love, love their teacher and all the kids in their class. so i was a bit surprised to get a call from the primary president to ask me NOT to have them participate in the annual primary program that takes place during sacrament at our church. she told me, "They will not go up to the pulpit and say their lines." i was stunned! they are four years old!! i know several adults, me being one of them, that are scared to death to go up to the pulpit and talk! she said, "they will not stand with the rest of the kids and sing. they want to sit on there chairs or worse, lay down on their chairs." GASP!! they will not sing. well crap, they are destined for hell now! now she made sure and told me she has raised SEVEN children, perfect as angels, and my girls behaviour worries her. they are wrapped up in eachother. (DUH) they are so conserned for how the other one is doing that it effects their participation in class. which in turn, apparently, affects the rest of the FOUR YEAR OLDS! she does not think this is healthy and that we should seperate them ASAP when they get in school so they can develop properly. now people, they are twins, identical twin girls, they are very close, i will not deny it. they often share the same bed. they play with eachother all day long while the brothers are at school. they do great in pre-school. surprisingly the kids don't seem to mind playing with BOTH of them at the same time. WOW!

so while the rest of the kids are up in the front of the chapel doing the program, Anna and Maria will be sitting with mom and dad.

for those that DO know me i will have you know.....i was incredibly civil on the phone to this dear lady. being the primary president is NOT an easy job. having been in the presidency i know that this program is a high stress time for these ladies. for those of you who are not LDS we are not paid. these ladies are doing this pro-bono so to speak. =) so will i hold this against her? NO! the girls are four. they could honestly care less whether or not they participate. they will be just as happy to sit with mom and dad and not have to share attention with those pesky brothers of theirs. i only post this because i know of no other family that can brag, "We've been kicked out of the primay program!!" we will be proud and hold our banner high!


  1. I'm glad you can end with a positive attitude because I probably would've said, I'm sorry, deal with it! Having been over such program, I think it's about the kids. If they don't want to do their lines, then don't make them speak. If they don't want to sing, well then let them sit up there and lay down or do whatever they want. I honestly can't believe they'd have been pulled for just being typical 4 year olds.

  2. I can't believe this! No WAY would I have done what she did. You are only bound for heaven for not having told her EXACTLY where to go. (the opposite place) This is ridiculous. I would encourage the girls to go ahead and go up there. As a primary president, AND the mother of seven perfect (NOT!) children all I have to say is she is WAAAAAAY out of line.

  3. Wow, you are such a better person than me! I would have insisting that they be in the program... According to others though, she (primary president) didn't just annoy one person!... It's hard to be Christlike sometimes! I commend you! ;)

  4. k- i am not a SAINT! and mikaela and lanae can totally vouche for that! it is just not a big deal for the girls. ya, if they were older and would have been disapointed i would have fought for them. but, eh, they didn't care one bit.