Friday, October 2, 2009

not alot going on

well i have not had much to post about because things are just moving along here.

monday- dan and daniel help move mattresses and box springs for the marshallese families
tuesday-daniel's cross country meet. he did really well. came in 50th. beat 15 other boys. very,very proud of him.
wednesday-ike's cross country meet. three hours and two hot chocolates later we watch him come in 9th out of 100 boys. we were very,very proud of him.
thursday-daniel's cross country meet. came in second to last, BUT NOT LAST!! he really pushed himself at the end. so happy for him.
friday-NO MEETS!! it is a rainy day. dunno if daniel and i will get to go play basketball. the girls are enjoying the quiet house. we are having a movie day.

anna did meet with her pulmo-cardiologist yesterday. we got an action plan for her pre-school and set them up with meds. we get to by-pass the nurses office because she needs her care very prompt and we cannot wait for the nurse if she is at another school. gives me peace of mind. we cannot tweek her meds anymore. she is on the max dose of everything. but we are doing a peak flow meter with her now so we can see how much o2 she is moving.

i guess that is all.

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  1. i am so impressed big D is in cross country, not so much ike, he thrives on pain and torture. GOOD JOB DANIEL!!!!