Saturday, October 17, 2009

saws,sap and family. Let the insults begin

A thing of beauty, and the wood ain't too bad either. ;)

so we had our annual "go out to the homestead and have dad work us to the ground" weekend. i swear the man is insane. everyyear it is bigger and better than the last. it if weren't for the fact that I WILL inhierate everything i would not put up with the lot of them.

i always go in with self esteem firmly intact, but by the time i leave so many insults have been hurled around that i am just a shattered piece of my formal self (well not really, and if did not know they are all so cold hearted and cruel this ploy would have worked) thpppt!

daniel and ike came up with me and katie stayed home with the little ones giving them a fantastic weekend. the boys worked like men, let me rephrase that, the worked like women, meaning they worked HARD!! i am so extremly proud of them. the hauled, stacked, chopped and managed their very own slash pile all on their own. without incident i might add!!

Here are three of the piles. he will use these first. we had it down to a science. it took us an average of six minutes a pile.

Regina and her very favorite sister in the whole wide world.

Look at the way the log acctually jumps outta her way in fear!

so my dear sweet family forgot to tell me my pants were half way down my butt all day long!! it;'s okay i think they were all just jealous of my sawyer abilities. well HA!! the joke is on you because un-like you i did not have to stare at my butt all day long.

Me rockin' the chaps.

in the woods there are no child labor laws. mwaaa haa haa poor ella was the youngest at 5! and she worked the hardest by far!

Reg and kathryn cleaning out after one of the huals.

Daniel is chopping the larger branches down and ike is feeding the fire. they made a great team. and on the down time the made some awesomely sharp sticks.

Daniel cut down this tree using only a hatchet!!

kathryn sharpeding her blade. we all know now it is TEN strokes with the file and by all means but some eye protection on!

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  1. Looks like a "fun" weekend, if by fun you mean a lot dirt, sweat, and tears (that'd be you crying from all that teasing.)