Saturday, October 31, 2009

first annual Fright Night

sorry, i have no pics to go with this. first off, all the lights were off and we also had a fog machine going so the house was pretty dark. perfect setting for scary movies. hustled the little ones to bed at 9pm got big kids settled in. Lady in the Water, snooze fest. Signs, scared the crap outta them, The Village, they did not think was a scary as Signs. the Tremors, sorta scary, and then they watched some old, campy zombie flick on netflix. they were up till 6:30 am. i did dress up and try to scare them at 2:30 am, but they had all the lights on by then. i guess they just finished Signs. LOL so i was bummed about that, but then i overheard them going to the bathroom ( lots of soda was consumed) and they were going in pairs. so i felt the party a success. i made homemade crepes for breakfast and had them out the door by 10 am. but they gave me a parting gift of setting up the fog machine in my van! so i of course had to open up a door and blast them with the airhorn.

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