Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My little girls are all grown up

so anna came to me today and said, "mommy, i am all grown up. i can pee standing up." GASP!

"what do you mean you can pee standing up?" i ask.

she went on to say that jakey pees standing up, so does daniel, isaac and daddy. my first mental note. CRACK DOWN ON THE BOYS SHUTTING THE DAMN DOOR! seeing how i have never totally mastered the ability to pee in the woods, the second thing is i wanted to know, how? now i have noticed lately alot of "puddles" on the seat. i kept meaing to yell at the boys for not putting the seat up. now i know the culprit.

so i told her girls pee sitting down. it is just the way it is. she then asked, "when do i get to be a boy?" NEVER! the answer to that question is, never.

so i am off to re-potty train the girls. or maybe they will teach me how to pee standing up. either way, learning will be involved.

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