Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Responsibility of Raising Sea Monkeys.

First off I spelled responsibility wrong, that is because I am not used to dealing with it.

Anna, my 10 year old, bought herself a family of Sea Monkeys. Yes, it is the Magic Castle Set.

It came with a list of instructions that Anna is taking very, very seriously because as she informed me, "having pet sea monkeys in a lot of responsibility."

1- the water must be purified (packet #1) and left to sit for 12 hours.
2- stir water to oxygenate and refresh any evaporated water with bottled water (Anna proceeded to fill a bottle with water and then pour it in. I stopped her and helped her understand what they meant by bottled water)
3- Get water to optimum temperature for hatching the Sea Monkeys. She was very disappointing we were not willing to purchase a heat lamp for her tank and feels we are not taking this Sea Monkey ownership seriously.
4- After 24 hours have passed place Sea Monkey eggs (packet #2) into optimum temperature water and stir gently to oxygenate the water.
5- They actually have a chart of when the eggs will hatch depending on water temp and oxygenation. She asked if we could get a bubbler for her tank to provide this. She again feels that we are not taking her Sea Monkey endevour seriously.
6- After 5 days she is to place one spoonful (packet #3) (spoon provided) of food. Only feed once the water is clear.
7- Enjoy your Sea Monkey ownership.

There is a sucker-upper thingy in the kit. I am not sure what this is for, but I have a feeling it is going to end badly for the Sea Monkeys.

I have tried, in vain, to tell her they will look nothing like on the package. She is naively optimistic, just like I was as a young girl with my first and last set of Sea Monkeys.

Anna has asked if she could get online later on today to do some research on successfully raising Sea Monkeys; like what pre-schools are feeders for Ivy League universities, is it best to go organic, positive disciplining of Sea Monkeys. I know if I tell her no she will just call in to question my parenting skills, and those are pretty questionable to begin with.

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