Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A School Quarter worth of catch up...October


My favorite holiday is in October, Halloween! This year my friend, Cindee Green, let me borrow her costume so I could dress up like my favorite villain, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. I personally prefer the old school Maleficent. 

Awesome shadow cast!! Mwaaa haaa haaaa
 Um.....we sorta had to have the fire dept. show up at our church Halloween party. I am not sure if it was my fault or our leader/ bishop, Brother Green's fault. He is the one in three wig leading the fire dept into the church. We both had fog machines going in our haunted classrooms for kids to trick-o-treat at and turns out that the fog will set off the smoke detectors and the fire dept has to come and punch in the code to turn them off.
 Of course everyone carved their pumpkins. It is really nice that they are all old enough to gut their pumpkins. Ike is getting smart and picking smaller pumpkin so he does not have so much to scoop out.
 This is very serious work at our house. Our pumpkins look the best on the block.
 Anna was Little Red Riding Hood and Maria was Darth Vader. The cutest Vader in the neighborhood. It is so sad that I only have 2 kids to take trick-o-treating this year.
 Skittles, our puppy we got in September, is growing up too.
 She sleeps in the weirdest spots.
So October was pretty quiet for our home. We were still getting used to Daniel not being on our home. We all got to go watch the new Maleficent movie for free on campus and Dawn of the Doughnuts catered. They make amazing doughnuts. Turn out was really low so we got to take a dozen doughnuts home with us and Isaac's friend that tagged along also got to take a dozen home to his family. This made sitting through Maleficent almost worth it.

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