Friday, January 2, 2015

December 2014 rundown in pictures

I was a busy girl on my break...

My sister Linda wanted a painting for Christmas. 

He husband Blair is more often in trouble with Linda than naught, so we felt it was time he had is own paddle.

He is also a big time gamer so I decorated the other side with some logo's from his favorite games.

For the Brown's, Guhl's, and my family I got some quartz tiles and put a favorite quote of mine on them. I really love how they turned out. 

Christmas Morning. Mom is barely awake. The camera was about as focused as I was.

Jake loves trains. He got some tracks so he could expand his track set to cover our entire dining room table.

This is a close to a smile as we get with Isaac. 

Benjamin finally got his Red Rider B-B Gun after asking for it for several years. He immediately went out back and shot his eye out. (just kidding)

Maria visited with Santa. She decided this is her last year sitting on the old man's lap.

We went on the Santa Cruise on Lake Coeur d'Lane to see Santa's village.

It was a bit chilly.

But as you can see, everyone was thrilled to be there.

 Linda's youngest, Harely got to enjoy some hot cocoa. 
 So did Loucylle and Bumski

They had Crazy Hat Day as school, my son wore a bucket on his head. I don't know if he knew it was crazy hat day though. 

Anna and Maria are in the school choir and put on a holiday performance during school hours. I was so glad I was able to attend. 

Skittles got a jacket to keep her warm on her walks. We get some very bitter cold snaps and she has not gotten her full wire hair coat in. It will take about a year or two. She is only 6.5 months old right now.
So,,,there is December for you. Went by fast and now we are on to a New Year.

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