Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A school quarter's worth of catch up.....November

Skittles is a snuggly puppy. Her couch buddy is Isaac. 
 This is Isaac and Skittles after Thankgiving dinner. We had the Davis' over. It was so much fun with all the kids. I should have taken more pictures of the event. I am trying to get back into the habit.
 Skittles is also a heater hog. I am a horrible puppy mom because if I need to get something done and do not want a puppy under foot I just turn on the heater because I know she will park herself with the favorite toy of the moment in front of the heater.
 Daniel asked for a cookbook for Christmas this year. I spent all my free time in November putting it together. I also included and standard to metric measuring chart (I was not about ready to convert all my recipes to metric) and a Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion chart. I mailed standard measuring cups and spoons also. This package weighed a bit over a lb. It cost me a whopping $42.00 to send.
 We have a sister missionary serving in our church from mainland China. We has a special dinner for her a few months ago featuring her favorite foods from home. She got a craving for chicken feet again and asked if we could make them again for her and her new companion. I had to take a picture because it just seemed surreal to have a bowl of chicken toes on my kitchen counter. The meal was a success. The kids all love chicken feet and I had a classmate from the Philippines over as well because chicken feet are a delicacy over there too.
Jacob is 12 years old now. This means that he is now a deacon in our church. He helps in passing the sacrament every Sunday. The Brown's bought him a new suit so now he looks goooood passing the sacrament.

He loves being a deacon.

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